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Welcome to NanoPets, NanoPets is a free virtual pet website full of games, adventures, friendly users and much much more. The first thing to do is Register or if you already have an account Login. Once you have Registered or Logged in, Why not have a look around the 6 places to explore and discover hidden features, avatars, pets and items. You can communicate with other users in our Forum or through NanoMail. If you need help getting around NanoPets try our New User Guide which will give you hints on how to adopt pets, earn NanoPoints and have the fullest experience you can using NanoPets!

On NanoPets, we have over 10 different pets you can adopt and look after, We have a community of 2 users to interact with, We also 66 different items that you use can on one of your pets to make them more pretty, intelligent, happy and much more. If you train your pet up enough you can turn it into one of the most strongest, fiercest battle soldiers on NanoPets. While exploring the world of NanoPets you have every chance of finding the hidden avatars located around the site.

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